The team behind TripAdvisor’s top rated Indian restaurant in Essex – Brohmon in Stansted – to launch the new Kabab Pundit street food store in Bishop’s Stortford


A new street food outlet is coming to Bishop’s Stortford, thanks to the team behind Essex’s top rated Indian restaurant – Brohmon at Stansted.

Karim Ullah launches Kabab Pundit from the kitchen at Bishop’s Stortford Social Club in South Street on Wednesday January 12. The take-out and delivery point will operate from Wednesday to Saturday evening.

Karim, who has run a series of successful pop-up eateries in pubs and bars around the city, said: “We are delighted to be returning to Bishop’s Stortford and, once again, we are going to come up with something new and exciting. exciting to local people.

Karim Ullah and his wife Sultana at Brohmon in Stansted’s Chapel Hill. Photo: Vikki Lince (54015780)

“We have already done taste tests with club members and have received a fantastic response. I hope we have the same response when we are officially open for business.”

The restaurateur has already tested his street food concept at the Dog and Duck pub in Stansted.

“Kabab Pundit will have dishes on their menu that we love to eat as a family,” said Karim, whose daughter is pop singer Shakila K.

A Kabab Pundit dish (54015818)
A Kabab Pundit dish (54015818)

He added: “In addition to the most popular Indian street food, there will be rice bowl options which will be served with delicious homemade curries.

“I have always dreamed of finding places where I could eat tasty Indian street food but unfortunately these places are hard to find in the UK – unless you are in an area with a high Asian population. So, I am delighted to make this street food available to the people of Bishop’s Stortford and surrounding areas.

“We have big ambitions for Kabab Pundit and we hope to be able to make our food popular in Bishop’s Stortford. Once we do that we can then expand into other towns and villages, creating tasty, affordable food as well. and readily available as employment opportunities for the local population.

Karim and his wife Sultana opened Brohmon in Chapel Hill at the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown in 2020, specializing in rustic cuisine from their home region of Bengal. This is Essex’s top rated Indian restaurant on TripAdvisor.

Bishop's Stortford Social Club in South Street.  Image: Vikki Lince
Bishop’s Stortford Social Club in South Street. Image: Vikki Lince


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