This Tweet stating that the best Indian food in the world is in New York City Riles Up Internet


The best Indian food is only found in India, a sentiment shared by several Indian Twitter users. And that opinion was there for the world to see recently when desi Twitter users were left furious and outraged after a tweet from a popular business portal citing New York as the place for the best Indian food. The article posted by the portal titled “New York now has better Indian food than London” was shared on Twitter with the caption “The world’s best Indian food is in New York”. This take left several Indians furious and indignant as they branded the tweet as well as the article as biased.

Several desi Twitter users questioned the economic news portal’s investigative methods in order to name another city as the place of the best Indian food. Many users also said that India is a diverse country with different types of cuisines and no other country could be rated as the best other than its home country.

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The article compared Indian food restaurants in London with Indian food restaurants in New York.

A desi Twitter user named AD in a response to the Business Portal article said, “The best Indian food can be found in the hidden nooks and crannies of India. Period. The cuisine, according to this article, belongs to the Michelin guide, which has nothing to do with Indian cuisine. “The Best New Indian Food” in NY. Corrected that.

Another Indian Twitter user named Gaj Samant echoed the same saying –

A user named Vishweshwar Dev had a witty view of what foreigners believed to be Indian food. He pointed out their intolerance to Indian spices and their bland version of Indian cuisine.

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Another user named Aniket Vinchurkar pointed out the article’s limited view of what made up the world in the article.

“But having a sample data size of 2 countries is just classic Western hegemony,” the user added.

Yet another user named Anurag Singh Rana hilariously responded under the Twitter feed of the business news portal:

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