Took my family to the little-known Indian restaurant described as a ‘hidden gem’


I have lived in East Riding for most of my life and know all the pubs and restaurants within a five mile radius, yet there is one Brough restaurant that I have never been to.

Voujon is an Indian restaurant that quietly impresses its diners and regularly gets excellent reviews on Trip Advisor.

But due to its position above a row of stores in Skillings Lane, it kind of remains low-key and a bit forgotten (unless you’re one of their die-hard regulars).

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I dragged my husband and three children on a rainy and windy Thursday night, not knowing how the two youngest would cope with exotic cuisine when they were 1. Afraid of spices and 2. Afraid of sauces. Which, come to think of it, is probably the reason we never went.

As we walked up the stairs, we weren’t sure if there would be many other guests, due to its hidden nature and the fact that it was just after 6pm. However, there were two people waiting for their take out and a large group of about ten. Within minutes of our arrival the place started to fill up, so there were around seven tables of diners, enough to give it some atmosphere.

We were warmly greeted and shown to a table with a crisp white linen tablecloth and comfy leather chairs, where in less than five minutes we were happily munching on poppadums and pickles and sipping a quite handsome Sauvignon Blanc d ‘a well-stocked wine list (me) and a pint of Cobra (husband).

The menu was very extensive, with pages of various well-known but also lesser-known dishes.

Those of you who regularly dine at Indian restaurants may be familiar with Duck Zoutun, Agni Korahi and shashlick, but they were all new to this pristine curry, and it was nice to see a glaring lack of options in English, what i know some restaurants offer, but i still think it doesn’t fit on the menu of a specialty restaurant.

With a picky ten-year-old who likes his separate, dry food, a 12-year-old vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables very much, an adult vegetarian, and two big meat eaters, we can have a hard time eating out and eating out. find something for everyone.

But my daughter tried vegetable samosas and ate every appetizer, and the youngest loved her “safe” chicken korma and boiled rice. I tried the vegetable biryani which was tasty and filled with different assorted fresh vegetables which had the perfect texture. The strength of the spices suited me perfectly and the rice was wonderfully aromatic.

Voujon in Brough’s Skillings Lane is a well-kept secret

My husband opted for a passanda chicken which was very nice, not too spicy as he doesn’t like it to be too heavy on the stomach; and the older one tried the butter chicken, I think the empty plate showed how much he enjoyed it.

For dessert it is mainly a selection of ice cream and sorbet, but there was a chocolate cheesecake which was polished by my two youngest with flying colors, while the mango sorbet was exactly what I had. need, refreshing and light.

Trip Advisor reviews are understandably rave, with one diner last week commenting: “Visited on a Sunday evening, greeted and seated right away with drinks taken shortly after. Poppadoms ordered and arrived promptly looking at the menu. Great. choice of items, food was piping hot when it arrived and delicious. Good service and a clean restaurant. “

With four out of five for food, service, value, and ambiance on the review site, it seems this place is massively impressing its customers.

Voujon's pickle platter
Voujon’s pickle platter

And I can see why. Quick service, delicious food, the bill wasn’t unreasonable, and best of all, it’s on our doorstep.

For this “hidden gem” the secret is now out, and I hope it will continue to be supported by their die-hard regulars, as well as many new ones.

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