Toronto will host a multisensory restaurant bar


We’ve seen some pretty crazy restaurant concepts here in The 6ix for a long time. And each was as memorable as the last. From dinners in the dark to jungle-themed brunches, it’s been quite an adventure. This new creation, however, is unlike any other. We are talking about a multi-sensory restaurant bar for a unique and interactive experience.

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Multi-sensory Resto Bar

Selva Toronto Resto Bar

Think art, tropics and colorful designs. The entire space is immersed in artwork and murals that give off a vibrant glow in the dark. The beautiful works were created by the artist duo Clandestinos. They are also responsible for the award-winning mural, Reflections, on the iconic RendezViews patio.

The location itself is the brainchild of The Fifth, one of the partners of RendezViews. Oh, and did we mention this is also the world’s first immersive art multisensory bar restaurant experience? Yes, you read that right. As for what to expect from the menu at this mysterious place, it looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for launch.

As for the restaurant experience, it truly embodies the vibe of a tropical getaway. The place is completely filled with Instagrammable spots and corners, whether you choose to dine during the day or at night. The exact opening date has yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for updates!


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