Vadah Review: Tried Stockton’s Top Tripadvisor Rated Indian Restaurant – Here’s What I Thought


When it comes to takeaways, Indian is a go-to for many Brits.

So what better place to try a take-out than Stockton’s Tripadvisor-rated Best Indian Restaurant, vada. Located just opposite Castlegate and by the river, Vadah has been serving the area since April 2014 and serves a wide variety of Indian dishes.

And in true Gavin and Stacey style, I tried to make sure the Indian food was scattered across the table so I could sample every dish. I’ve tried everything from tikka masala to balti and here’s what I thought.

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When the takeout arrived I discovered it came with a packet of free poppadoms which was a welcome addition to my already large order. I found out that I could have literally eaten poppadoms and pickles and been extremely satisfied without even trying the rest of the food. The restaurant also offered 10% off for collectible orders which was a nice touch.

A starter onion bhaji and chicken tikka with naan

In terms of entrees, I tried the onion bhaji and chicken tikka with naan bread, which tasted as good as it sounds. Personally I don’t think they should be called starters as I would happily have them as a main course, they were incredibly tasty and unlike other takeaways were not coated in oil and grease.

Although some people claim this is one of the less exciting curries, I loved the chicken tikka masala – it’s one you can’t go wrong with. Vadah made a great one too, and the dish was practically flawless once the tasty naan bread was used to scoop up some extra masala sauce.

Another thing that I found impressive was that each dish had a distinctive good taste. Sometimes when you get an Indian curry, similar curries mix into one, but on this occasion I thought each had its individual flavor. The biryani (mixed rice dish) and vegetable curry in particular were brilliant additions to the order.

A combination of curries and rice from Vadah
A combination of curries and rice from Vadah

Of all the food I tasted at Vadah, I have to say the naan bread was pretty spot on. I tried a few different ones including garlic and plain, but the Peshwari naan was easily one of the best I’ve ever had. And that’s pretty important too because a naan bread can often make or break an Indian. Although they were probably slightly smaller than a standard takeout naan, the taste made up for it.

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that Vadah is rated 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor for 1,172 reviews, and in my opinion the Indian has proven to be one of the best high quality takeaway options on Teesside. Would I go there again? I think you can guess the answer to that one.

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