What our undercover restaurant thought of the German Doner Kebab at Burton


Most people associate kebabs with being greasy and eaten around the corner after a Saturday night out.

What if we said you no longer need to eat your wandering doner on the streets, but at a cozy new kebab restaurant that has opened in Burton?

Well, that’s exactly what you can do in town now, so we’ve sent our Secret Service Examiner undercover to try the recently opened German Doner Kebab, in Middleway Park, near Guild Street in downtown Burton.

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The undercover restaurant started their day by walking through different neighborhoods in downtown Burton, soaking up the sounds and sights of a busy Friday afternoon so they had a good appetite.

Luckily the weather held up well throughout the day, despite a slight gust of strong wind here and there, so they were excited to enter the new restaurant.

Being based in Middleway Park means parking is easy – and there is parking right outside the front door of German Doner Kebab. It’s free for four hours in Middleway Park – so plenty of time for a kebab or two.

Upon entering, the queue was four or five people but moved quickly, and they quickly chose a table at the very back of the premises in the stalls, where they could eat without taking the family tables.

The waitress asked what our restaurant would like and was very helpful in explaining what types of food were available, as well as making sure to ask if they had any allergies they might need to be aware of.

So our dinner ordered and received a receipt. The stalls face people up to the wall which meant the restaurant had its back to the rest of the locals who felt very anti-social, but we guess some people might prefer this experience.

As for the staff, they were all very welcoming, happy to explain in detail what was in the food when questioned, and genuinely cared about their customers asking how the food was. dinner day and evening plans.

How was the food?

What Our Undercover Restaurant Ordered German Doner Kebab at Burton

For my order, I opted for a “Boss Box”, which is a variety of main dishes such as German kebab, Kcal kebab, vegetarian kebab, durum doner wrap, lahmacun doner wrap and quesadilla doner.

My choice fell on the German doner kebab. Then I was told I had a choice of chicken, beef, or a mix, and decided to go with the beef.

The ‘Boss Box’ also comes with a choice of doner spring rolls or chili cheese bites, so I opted for the chili cheese bites, but also ordered two spring rolls on the side.

Inside doner spring roll
Inside doner spring rolls

Fries are also included in the “Boss Box”, with a choice of four fries options; regular, flaming, curry or cheese. I opted for the curry fries as I liked them the most, costing 50p more.

curry fries
curry fries

Finally it came to the drink which is also included in the meal so I opted for a diet coke.

Unfortunately, I found the size of the 250ml can was too small for the amount of food included in the meal, and it was the ambient temperature that disappointed me.

The can can be ordered medium or large, the large being my choice, and comes standard with three sauces; spicy sauce, garlic sauce and yogurt sauce.

As for the taste, the German doner kebab was packed with everything you wanted it to have. From the succulent and tender doner meat to the seasoned pita bread filled with fresh vegetables, everything was really, really tasty.

The chili cheese bites came with little bits of jalapeno which gave them a real kick, but that didn’t take away the flavor of the cheese as there was plenty inside.

The doner spring rolls were filled with beef doner kebab and provided a nice change in texture and weight to the food, being light and easy to snack on.

The fries were chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside, with generous and evenly spread curry powder to give them a strong flavor on every bite.

Unfortunately there was too much to eat that day but the staff were more than happy to offer to pack it up and let me take the rest home.

There was a little meat and pitta left
There was just too much to handle for our dinner

How was the interior and ambiance of the restaurant?

German Doner Kebab is located where the old Carphone Warehouse was in a now matte black unit.

The interior of the venue has a dark modern American feel, with the black ceiling and features giving it a sleek and trendy design.

Seating was well distributed, with tables available to accommodate large groups or single eaters.

However, there were few German-inspired themes on this, apart from a bit of wallpaper with a map of Berlin. So if you’re thinking of going to an authentic German restaurant, this may surprise you.

However, the restaurant didn’t seem dark at all, with spotlights covering the floor and more lights coming from the roof, as well as an open window at the entrance which also provided plenty of natural light.

The washrooms were in immaculate condition and equipped with modern fixtures.

Would I go there again?

Absoutely. With the quality of food and customer service throughout my stay, I would be more than happy to experience that again.


The total bill was £14.48 for one person.

Big Boss Box – £11.99 (including extra meat and curry fries)

Doner Spring Rolls – £2.49

*Staffordshire Live make secret visits to restaurants, takeaways and cafes with a view to providing a fair, balanced and accurate report on customer service and the food on offer. Our hope is that for the good of the business owner and the customer, we can report positively on the places we visit. However, if our experience is not 100% positive, we are required to report exactly what we find.

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