Yellow Chilli serves authentic Indian cuisine in Delta


Yellow Chilli isn’t just a chili pepper found in your garden, it’s also the name of a Delta restaurant that is redefining South Asian cuisine.

They opened in May 2021 and offer mouth-watering Indian delicacies from regions across the country in a modern and welcoming atmosphere.

The Yellow Chilli is a chain that has already brought its unique flavor to tables in the United States, Dubai, London and India.

This new location in Delta also marks the start of the chain’s expansion in Canada.

It was a monumental moment when they first opened their doors this year, not only because they leveled the South Asian food scene in Vancouver, but because they did so amid the pandemic. , proving this hard work really pays off.

But the best part is that all of their dishes were designed by one of India’s favorite chefs, Sanjeev Kapoor.

Courtesy of Yellow Pepper

Sanjeev Kapoor is a household name in many Indian families, as many people grew up watching his show “Khana Khazana” in the early 90s.

He was teaching the audience how to cook his delicious Indian dishes, but it wasn’t always as easy as he claimed.

But now, thanks to The Yellow Chilli, you no longer have to watch her show and spend hours in the kitchen to sample Chef Kapoor’s cuisine in Vancouver.

Yellow Chilli is a unique restaurant that specializes in North Indian cuisine and serves up sought after and drool-worthy dishes different from what you find at your local Indian restaurant.

In fact, they cook every dish exactly as it was prepared in India, without cutting corners and using only the freshest ingredients.

Courtesy of Yellow Pepper

The chefs at Yellow Chilli don’t hesitate to put more time and effort into each dish to prepare it perfectly for your taste buds, and that’s part of what makes this place so special.

Lalla Musa Dal, an aromatic and flavorful lentil dish, is slowly cooked for 36 hours, making it a must-have for every guest.

You can find other top notch dishes on the menu that can transport you to various parts of Southeast Asia, depending on where you want to visit.

For example, you may find yourself in Amritsar devouring their unique spicy fish, or Delhi to visit Mr. Puran Singh’s famous street stall for his exclusive Tariwala Murgh (chicken), and even in Peshawar, to munch on their mellow and mellow naan. bread.

So if you have a craving for Indian food and are looking to try something new and authentic while also thinking outside the box, then The Yellow Chilli is the place you should go.

Don’t forget to try their Gulab-E-Gulkand for dessert. It is an irresistible milk-based candy filled with a compote of rose petals.

Make sure to stop by during their opening hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day of the week to stock up on some great Indian food.

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The yellow pepper restaurant

Address: # 105 8737 120 Street, Delta
Telephone: 604-598-0060


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